The Great Queen Nanny- Leader Of The Maroons

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An 18th-century leader of the Jamaican Maroons known as Queen Nanny, Granny Nanny, or Nanny of the Maroons ONH (c. 1686–c. 1760). The Windward Maroons were a group of formerly slaved Africans that she commanded. The first Maroon War, which took place in the Colony of Jamaica at the beginning of the 18th century, was a long-lasting guerrilla conflict between the Windward Maroons and British authorities. Nanny served as the war’s leader. The Maroon legend holds that Queen Nanny was born in Jamaica and is the descendant of Prince Naquan.

Queen Nanny was a legendary leader of the Windward Maroons, a community of escaped slaves in Jamaica. She is best known for her role in the First Maroon War, a guerrilla conflict that lasted from 1728 to 1739. Though it’s also plausible that she was born in West Africa, Her Father and 599 Akan people deceived and sold into slavery in 1642 during Spanish expedition to Jamaica. According to folklore, they eventually managed to flee and sought sanctuary in the Blue Mountains. they came into contact with Taino Maroons who had already been living there since Columbus’ day. Nanny is connected to Accompong in western Jamaica, not Moore Town Maroons in the east.

Under Nanny’s leadership, the Windward Maroons fought a fierce and successful campaign against the British. They used their knowledge of the terrain to their advantage, and they were also skilled in guerrilla warfare. The British were unable to defeat the Maroons, and they eventually negotiated a peace treaty in 1739.

Nanny was a symbol of strength and resistance for the Maroons and for all enslaved people. She is remembered as a brilliant military leader, a powerful OBEAH woman, and a fearless freedom fighter.


  • She was the sister of Cudjoe, another famous leader.
  • She is said to have possessed supernatural powers, which she used to help the Maroons in battle.
  • She is credited with leading the Maroons to victory in the First Maroon War.
  • She is a national hero in Jamaica, and her image is featured on the Jamaican $500 bill.
  • Queen Nanny is an inspiration to people all over the world. She is a reminder that even in the face of overwhelming odds, it is possible to fight for freedom and justice.

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