The Era of Gods: A Conquest Through Countless Planes

The Era of Gods: A Conquest Through Countless Planes
The Era of Gods: A Conquest Through Countless Planes

Main Characters:

Lin Xiao: The protagonist, Lin Xiao, is an ordinary man who finds himself reborn into a fantastical world known as the Era of Gods. This ultra-fantasy, ultra-sci-fi setting offers a unique blend of magic and technology. Driven by a desire for power and conquest, Lin Xiao seeks to climb the ranks of godhood. His primary motivation is fueled by a mysterious “Cheating Cube” that grants him unique abilities and guides him on his path.


The central conflict revolves around Lin Xiao’s relentless pursuit of godhood. This ambition propels him through various challenges and conflicts. The story unfolds in stages:

Divine Life: Lin Xiao begins his journey as a “Divine Life,” a lower form of godhood. He establishes his own Divine Realm, a personal domain where he can cultivate power and gather resources.

Governing Spawns: Lin Xiao creates and governs “Spawns,” beings loyal to him and instrumental in his conquest. Here, the story delves into themes of leadership and strategy as he builds his forces.

Ignited Divine Flame: As Lin Xiao progresses, he ignites his “Divine Flame,” a powerful source of godhood. This signifies a significant leap in his power and influence.

Coherence of Godhead: To solidify his godhood, Lin Xiao must achieve “Coherence of Godhead,” a process that requires him to gather specific resources and overcome formidable challenges.

The Era of Gods: A Conquest Through Countless Planes
The Era of Gods: A Conquest Through Countless Planes

Invasion and Seizure: The climax sees Lin Xiao launching invasions of other realms, both physical and digital (“Outer Realm” and “Crystal Shells”). He confronts powerful beings and seizes “Godheads,” further enhancing his own divinity.The resolution hinges on Lin Xiao’s final conquest. The novel doesn’t explicitly detail the outcome, but it strongly suggests his eventual ascension to the ultimate rank of “almighty God among Gods.


The Era of Gods is a vast and complex setting. It transcends traditional fantasy, blending magical elements with advanced technology. The story primarily takes place within the various planes and dimensions that make up this universe. Lin Xiao’s Divine Realm serves as his base and a testament to his growing power.The setting directly influences the characters and events. The fantastical nature allows for immense power struggles and fantastical creatures, while the technological aspect introduces unique resources and strategies for warfare and conquest. Notably, the “Cheating Cube” is a product of this advanced technology.


Ambition and Power: The core theme is Lin Xiao’s unwavering ambition to achieve godhood. The story explores the lengths someone will go to in pursuit of ultimate power, highlighting both the potential rewards and the potential consequences.

Leadership and Strategy: As Lin Xiao builds his forces, the narrative delves into themes of leadership, strategy, and resource management. We see him establish his Divine Realm, govern his Spawns, and plan his conquests.The Price of Power: While the novel celebrates Lin Xiao’s rise to power, it also hints at the potential costs. The relentless pursuit of godhood might come at the expense of relationships, ethics, and perhaps even humanity.

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“The Era of Gods” by Lin Huang is a captivating journey through a fantastical world where ambition meets power. The story follows Lin Xiao’s relentless pursuit of godhood, exploring themes of power, leadership, and the price of achieving one’s ultimate goal. The unique blend of fantasy and technology creates a rich and immersive setting for his conquests. While the conclusion leaves the final steps to godhood open-ended. It leaves the reader with a sense of Lin Xiao’s inevitable ascension to the highest rank of the divine.

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