The Alpha King’s Heart

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The Alpha King’s Heart is a werewolf romance novel by Sunshine Princess. It tells the story of Adira Wade, a young woman who is reviled and shunned in her pack after her parents are accused of planning against the Alpha. Even her fiancé, the future Alpha, Grayson Mars, turns his back on her.

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Adira is forced to live a life of servitude, working as a maid in the packhouse. She is constantly bullied and humiliated by the other members of the pack. One day, while Adira is working in the kitchen, she is attacked by Grayson and his new mate, Stacy.

Just when Adira thinks she is about to die, she is saved by a mysterious stranger. The stranger turns out to be Wyatt McMillian, the Alpha King of all werewolves. Wyatt is immediately drawn to Adira, and he declares her to be his mate.

Adira is hesitant to trust Wyatt at first, but she eventually comes to accept him. Wyatt takes Adira back to his kingdom, where she is treated with respect and dignity. Adira and Wyatt fall deeply in love, and they get married.

However, Adira’s happiness is short-lived. Grayson and Stacy launch an attack on Wyatt’s kingdom, and they kidnap Adira. Adira is forced to fight for her life, and she eventually defeats Grayson and Stacy.

After the battle, Adira and Wyatt are finally able to be together. They are crowned the new Alpha King and Queen, and they lead their kingdom into a new era of peace and prosperity.


The Alpha King’s Heart is a story about love, betrayal, and redemption. It is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope.

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