Supremacy Games: A Reincarnated Summoner

Supremacy Games: A Reincarnated Summoner
Supremacy Games: A Reincarnated Summoner

Main Characters:

  • Ren (Reid): The protagonist, Ren, is a young man who dies on Earth and is reborn into a fantastical world governed by powerful deities. This reincarnation grants him a unique ability – he becomes a powerful summoner. Driven by a desire to understand his purpose and a yearning for a meaningful life. Ren embarks on a journey to hone his skills and unravel the mysteries of his new world.
  • Saintess (Seraphina): A strong-willed and compassionate young woman destined for sainthood. Despite initial friction due to Ren’s unconventional approach, she becomes his unlikely companion and confidante. Her unwavering faith and unwavering belief in Ren’s potential play a crucial role in his growth.


The main conflict revolves around Ren’s quest to understand his place in this new world. And the expectations placed upon him as a powerful summoner. The narrative unfolds in stages:

  1. A New Beginning and Unfamiliar Powers: The story opens with Ren’s reincarnation and his discovery of his unique summoning abilities. This unfamiliar world, with its emphasis on divine power and fantastical creatures, presents both challenges and opportunities for him.
  2. Navigating Trials and Testing His Limits: As Ren enters a prestigious academy for summoners, he faces challenges that test his abilities and his resolve. He grapples with both prejudice for his unconventional methods and the high expectations placed upon him.
  3. Forming Bonds and Forging Alliances: Despite initial clashes, Ren forms a strong and unexpected bond with the Saintess, Seraphina. Their collaboration and shared experiences lead to personal growth and a deeper understanding of each other.
  4. Unveiling Secrets and Divine Agendas: As Ren progresses, he uncovers hidden truths about the gods who manipulate events for their own amusement. This revelation forces him to question his role in their games and the true purpose of his summoning abilities.
  5. Confronting Deities and Defining His Future: The climax involves a confrontation with a powerful deity and a pivotal choice for Ren. He must decide whether to succumb to their manipulations or forge his own path. using his abilities to challenge the established order.
Supremacy Games: A Reincarnated Summoner
Supremacy Games: A Reincarnated Summoner


The story takes place in a fantastical world with a blend of magic, divine intervention, and fantastical creatures. This setting allows for the exploration of different summoning techniques, epic battles with monsters. And the complex relationships between mortals and powerful deities. The constraints placed upon summoners and the expectations of the divine influence Ren’s journey and the choices he makes.


  • Finding Purpose in a New World: The story explores the challenges of adapting to a new reality and the quest for purpose. Ren’s journey highlights the importance of self-discovery and forging one’s own path in a world with predetermined roles.
  • Deception and the Power of Gods: The narrative exposes the manipulative nature of some deities who control events for their entertainment. This raises questions about free will and the potential for mortals to challenge the established power structure.
  • The Value of Companionship and Trust: Despite initial disagreements, Ren’s bond with the Saintess grows into a source of strength and support. The story emphasizes the importance of trust and collaboration in overcoming adversity.

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“Supremacy Games” by Midgard is a captivating fantasy novel that blends elements of reincarnation, a unique summoning system, and the struggles of a young man in a world ruled by gods. Through Ren’s journey, the story explores themes of purpose, deception, and the power of human connection. The ending leaves room for further exploration of the world, the potential consequences of Ren’s defiance, and the future of his relationship with the Saintess.

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