Stranded: The Novel in Brief


“When fate orchestrates a catastrophic plane crash, Lu Chen and Zhang Jing, two individuals from disparate worlds, find themselves marooned on a mysterious island, their survival dependent on an unlikely union.”

And the rest of the text remains the same:

As they navigate the treacherous landscape, they must harness their unique strengths and forge an unlikely alliance to stay alive. Lu Chen, a visionary entrepreneur, and Zhang Jing, a creative virtuoso, embark on a perilous journey of self-discovery, unraveling the secrets of their past and the mysteries of the island.

As they confront the unforgiving environment, they encounter hidden challenges and unexpected opportunities that test their resolve, creativity, and capacity for love. Will they escape the island’s clutches or succumb to its ancient secrets and hidden dangers? “Stranded” is a heart-stopping tale of survival, trust, and transformation, where two strangers become unlikely heroes in a fight for life and redemption.

Main characters

  • Lu Chen: A successful businessman in his late 20s, driven by ambition and desire for success, but also compassionate and determined.
  • Zhang Jing: A creative and free-spirited designer in her mid-20s, passionate about her work, values independence, and is resilient and determined.


The story begins with Lu Chen and Zhang Jing boarding a plane that crashes on a deserted island. The main conflict centers on their survival on the island and finding a way off. As they navigate the treacherous terrain, they face challenges like finding food, building shelter, and confronting personal demons. Along the way, they uncover secrets about each other’s pasts and must learn to trust and rely on each other to survive. The plot develops as they discover hidden dangers on the island, including wild animals and treacherous terrain. The story resolves as they find a way off the island and return to their normal lives, forever changed by their experience.


The story takes place on a deserted island in the present day. The setting plays a significant role in shaping the characters and events. The island’s harsh environment and limited resources force Lu Chen and Zhang Jing to rely on each other and use their skills and creativity to survive. The setting also influences the characters’ emotional journeys, as they confront their fears and insecurities in the face of adversity.


The novel explores several themes, including survival, trust, and transformation. The story highlights resilience and determination in adversity, showing how two strangers can form a strong bond in challenging circumstances. The novel also explores the transformative power of experiences and how they can shape our perspectives and values.


In “Stranded”, the author weaves a captivating tale of survival, trust, and transformation. The story is a testament to the human spirit’s ability to overcome even the most daunting challenges. Through Lu Chen and Zhang Jing, the novel explores resilience, determination, and creativity in adversity. Its unique blend of action, suspense, and emotional depth makes it compelling for adventure and romance fans. Ultimately, “Stranded” is a heart-stopping tale of survival and transformation that will leave readers spellbound until the very end.


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