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solo leveling

Solo Leveling is a manga series based on a web novel by Chugong. It tells the story of Sung Jinwoo, a weak hunter who gains the ability to level up and become stronger by completing quests given by a mysterious program called the System. He uses his newfound power to fight against monsters, dungeons, and other hunters, while uncovering the secrets of his world and his destiny.

The manga has 179 chapters and 14 volumes, and it was serialized from March 2018 to December 2021. It has won several awards and has been adapted into an anime, a video game, and a spin-off series. Some of the main features of the manga are:

  • The action and suspense: The manga is full of intense and thrilling battles, as Sung Jinwoo faces various enemies and challenges in his quest to become the strongest hunter. The manga also has many twists and surprises, as the plot reveals new information and mysteries about the dungeons, the System, the hunters, and the monsters.
  • The character development and growth: The manga shows how Sung Jinwoo changes from a weak and timid hunter to a confident and powerful leader. He also influences and inspires other characters to change for the better or worse, depending on his actions. The manga also explores the complex relationships that Sung Jinwoo has with his friends, enemies, love interests, and mentors.
  • The fantasy and sci-fi elements: The manga combines elements of fantasy and science fiction, as it depicts a world where humans have gained supernatural abilities through magic crystals called mana stones. The manga also introduces concepts such as time travel, parallel worlds, dimensional gates, and ancient civilizations.

Overall, Solo Leveling is a manga that offers a captivating and exciting reading experience for fans of action, fantasy, sci-fi, and drama. It is a manga that will make you curious, amazed, inspired, and satisfied. It is a manga that will make you want to read more.

About The Author

The author of Solo Leveling is Chugong, a South Korean web novel writer. He started writing Solo Leveling in 2016 on KakaoPage, a digital comic and fiction platform. He also wrote other web novels such as Abaddon, Budgerigar, and Desert Eagle1. He won several awards for his work, such as the 44th Kodansha Manga Award for the shōnen category in 20202.

Chugong’s novels are influenced by his experiences with street gangs, bar hosts, and the yankī subculture. He often explores themes such as time travel, fate, friendship, loyalty, and brotherhood in his stories. He has a distinctive art style that features realistic and detailed character designs, dynamic action scenes, and expressive facial expressions


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