Sky’s Prophecy Twins

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Sky’s Prophecy Twins is a fantasy romance novel written by Kendall Jenner. It is the second book in the Story of Lex and Livia series, and follows the twins as they journey to fulfill their destiny as the saviors of their world.

The novel opens with Lex and Livia living on the sky island of Helix, where they have been raised to be proper Indrithian Young Women. However, their lives are turned upside down when they discover that their mother is not dead, as they had been told, but is alive and living in the Outlands, a dangerous and forbidden realm beyond the dome of Indra.

Lex and Livia also learn of an ancient prophecy that foretells the coming of twin saviors who will rise up and defeat the oppressive High Council that has ruled Indra for generations. The twins soon realize that they are the ones destined to fulfill this prophecy, and they set out on a perilous journey to the Outlands to find their mother and learn more about their true powers. Sky’s Prophecy Twins.

Along the way, Lex and Livia are joined by Kane, Lex’s best friend and Livia’s newfound love, and Zavier, a gruff rebel who would prefer to leave them all behind. The four of them must face many challenges as they travel through the dangerous underground tunnels that lead to the Outlands, including hostile creatures, treacherous terrain, and the ever-present threat of the High Council’s forces.

When Lex and Livia finally reach the Outlanders’ colony, they are reunited with their mother, who reveals to them that they are the children of the Moon Goddess herself. She also tells them that the war of good and evil is about to begin, and that they are the only ones who can save the world.

Lex and Livia are initially reluctant to embrace their destiny, but they soon realize that they have no other choice. They must learn to work together and harness their powers if they want to defeat the High Council and save their world.

As the twins prepare for the coming battle, they also face challenges in their personal lives. Lex must confront her feelings for Kane and decide whether she wants to pursue a romantic relationship with him. Livia must also deal with her growing attraction to Zavier, despite his gruff demeanor.


In the end, Lex and Livia must put their personal feelings aside and focus on their shared mission. They must learn to trust each other and work together if they want to fulfill their destiny and save the world.

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