Repeating My Rejection

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Repeating My Rejection

Repeating My Rejection is a romance novel by Selena Moon on Dreame about Quinn Miller, a young woman who is rejected by her mate, Hudson Carter, the Alpha of the Moonstone Pack. Quinn is a strong and independent woman, but she is also heartbroken and betrayed.

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Hudson rejects Quinn because he believes that she is not worthy of being his mate. He thinks that she is too weak and too ordinary. However, Quinn is determined to prove Hudson wrong. She sets out to become a stronger and more independent woman.

Quinn trains hard and becomes one of the best warriors in the pack. She also becomes more confident and assertive. Hudson is impressed by Quinn’s transformation, and he begins to see her in a new light.

However, Hudson’s pride and stubbornness prevent him from admitting that he was wrong about Quinn. He refuses to accept her as his mate, even though he knows that she is the one for him.

Quinn is hurt and disappointed by Hudson’s continued rejection. However, she does not give up on him. She knows that he loves her, even though he is not ready to admit it yet.

Quinn and Hudson must overcome many challenges to be together. They must also face the dangers that come from the pack’s enemies.


In the end, Quinn and Hudson overcome all obstacles and live happily ever after. Quinn proves to Hudson that she is worthyCof being his mate, and Hudson learns to let go of his pride and accept Quinn for who she is.

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