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Rejected Human Slave

Rejected Human Slave is a novel about a young human woman named Ariana who is captured and enslaved by a werewolf pack. Ariana is a strong and intelligent woman, but she is also forced to endure hardships and abuse as a slave.

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One day, Ariana is purchased by Dylan Sabastine, the Alpha of the pack. Dylan is a powerful and ruthless werewolf, but he is also drawn to Ariana’s strength and spirit. Despite their differences, Dylan and Ariana begin to develop a connection.

However, their relationship is complicated by the fact that Ariana is a human and Dylan is a werewolf. In the werewolf world, humans are considered to be inferior and are often treated as property. Dylan is also under pressure from his pack to choose a mate, and a human is not considered to be a suitable match for an Alpha.

Rejected Human Slave

Despite the challenges, Dylan and Ariana fall in love. However, their relationship is threatened when Dylan’s ex-mate, Myla, returns to the pack. Myla is determined to win Dylan back, and she will stop at nothing to destroy Ariana.

Ariana must also face the challenges of being a slave in a werewolf world. She is constantly at risk of being abused or killed by the other werewolves. She also has to deal with the prejudice and discrimination that comes with being a human.

In the end, Ariana overcomes all of her challenges and finds true love with Dylan. She also learns to stand up for herself and to fight for what she believes in. Rejected Human Slave is a story about love, hope, and resilience. It is a reminder that we should never give up on ourselves, even when we face the most difficult of challenges.


The novel also explores themes of prejudice, discrimination, and social class. Ariana is often treated as a second-class citizen because she is a human. She is also discriminated against because she is a woman. Dylan, on the other hand, is privileged because he is a werewolf and an Alpha.

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