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When I Saw You | Haechan Summary

When I Saw You | Haechan Free Ebook
When I Saw You | Haechan Free Ebook

The novel “When I Saw You | Haechan” talks about How a girl who doesn’t care for love finds herself immersed in new feelings when her life is shaken by a stranger.

Main Characters

The central characters are a girl who initially dismisses love and a stranger who unexpectedly enters her life. The girl’s motivations shift as she becomes entangled in new feelings due to this chance encounter.


As we walk through the frosted streets, I notice his quiet steps beside me. The streetlights cast our shadows as we approach a nearby river bridge. His simple yet heartwarming smile brightens the cold winter night. The stranger becomes a ray of sunshine in her life. Their interactions lead to unexpected emotions and a journey of self-discovery.


The novel unfolds during a chilly winter night, with the frost-kissed streets and the nearby river bridge serving as significant locations. The setting influences the characters’ emotions and interactions, creating an atmosphere of vulnerability and warmth.


  • Unexpected Love: The story explores how love can unexpectedly enter our lives, even when we least expect it. The girl’s transformation from indifference to newfound feelings exemplifies this theme.
  • Human Connection: The stranger disrupts the girl’s routine, emphasizing the importance of human connections and how they can alter our perspectives.
  • Simplicity and Warmth: Amid the cold, the stranger’s simple smile and warmth contrast with the surroundings, highlighting the power of small gestures and genuine emotions.

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Ultimately, the girl’s encounter with the stranger prompts her to reevaluate her priorities and discover the beauty of love. The novel leaves readers with hope—a reminder that unexpected moments can profoundly shape our lives.

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