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Once Upon a Full Moon

“Once Upon a Full Moon” is a captivating web novel that delves into the complexities of love, betrayal, and transformation. Shirley’s first time is stolen by a stranger due to a conspiracy orchestrated by her best friend. The once-sweet relationship between Shirley and her lover is ruthlessly shattered, leaving her to navigate a world of secrets and unexpected twists

Once Upon a Full Moon
Once Upon a Full Moon

Let’s delve into the captivating world of “Once Upon a Full Moon” and explore its key elements.

Main Characters

The central characters in the novel are:

  1. Celeste Parker: She is used to hearing scary stories about werewolves in the small town of Legend’s Run. When Brandon Maddox, a handsome new student, arrives, Celeste finds herself drawn to him. Her motivations include navigating her attraction to Brandon and uncovering the truth about his mysterious transformation.
  2. Brandon Maddox: The enigmatic new student who captures Celeste’s attention. His transformation and origins become a central mystery in the story.


The main conflict revolves around the legend of werewolves in Legend’s Run. After an unnerving visit with a psychic, Celeste encounters a pack of wolves and Brandon. She must determine whether Brandon’s transformation is more than just legend or a trick of the moonlight shadows. The tension between her attraction to Brandon and her loyalty to her perfect boyfriend, Nash, adds complexity to the plot.

As the story develops, psychic predictions, generations-old secrets, and a divided town contribute to the mystery. The resolution involves uncovering the truth about Brandon’s identity and the impact it has on Celeste’s life.


The novel is set in the small town of Legend’s Run. The town’s eerie atmosphere, surrounded by forests and moonlit nights, plays a significant role. The setting influences the characters’ actions, as they grapple with supernatural elements and the allure of the full moon.


Several underlying themes are explored:

  1. Identity and Transformation: Brandon’s mysterious transformation raises questions about identity and self-discovery. Celeste must navigate her feelings for him while uncovering hidden truths.
  2. Loyalty and Betrayal: Celeste faces a dilemma between her loyalty to her boyfriend, Nash, and her attraction to Brandon. The theme of loyalty versus betrayal adds tension to the story.
  3. Supernatural vs. Reality: The clash between legend and reality is central. Psychic predictions, werewolf lore, and the moon’s influence blur the lines between the supernatural and everyday life. 

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In the end, Celeste’s choices lead to revelations about Brandon’s true nature. The novel leaves readers contemplating the power of love, secrets, and the transformative impact of the full moon.

“Once in a Full Moon” weaves romance, mystery, and supernatural elements into an engaging tale that keeps readers hooked until the final page.

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