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In My Brother’s Best Friend, the Caldwell family’s longstanding rule—friends and brothers are off-limits—gets put to the test when Jamie, the youngest Caldwell, falls head over heels for Nico, his older brother’s best friend. This captivating romance novel explores themes of desire, loyalty, and the complexities of forbidden love.

Plot Overview

  • Jamie’s Long-Held Crush: Jamie has harbored a secret crush on Nico since childhood. From the age of ten, he’s admired Nico from afar, yearning for more than just friendship.
  • Summer Internship: As Jamie enters the final semester of law school, he secures an internship at his brother’s law firm. To his surprise, Nico becomes his supervising partner.
  • Forbidden Attraction: The attraction between Jamie and Nico intensifies. Despite the family rule, their hearts refuse to obey. Jamie’s feelings for Nico are no longer a mere crush; they’re a force he can’t ignore.
  • Nico’s Resistance: Nico, however, is commitment-phobic. He claims to prioritize work over relationships, but the chemistry between him and Jamie sizzles.
  • Old Rules vs. New Desires: Jamie is determined to break free from the old rules. He wants Nico, and he’s willing to fight for their love. As their passion ignites, they must navigate the complexities of secrecy, loyalty, and the risk of shattering family bonds.
  • A Rollercoaster of Emotions: The novel takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions—desire, longing, and the fear of discovery. Will Jamie and Nico defy convention and find happiness together?

Why Read It?

my brother bestfriend
  • My Brother’s Best Friend offers a blend of romance, tension, and heartache. Readers will root for Jamie and Nico, hoping they can overcome societal norms and seize their chance at love.
  • With 241 pages of passion and forbidden desire, this novel keeps readers engaged until the very end.
  • Dive into this tale of forbidden love, where rules are meant to be broken, and hearts refuse to follow conventions.

Read more about Jamie and Nico’s journey in this captivating romance.

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My brother’s best friend, Jamie, and Nico’s tumultuous journey unfolds against a backdrop of mystery, passion, and unexpected twists. As they grapple with grief, seek justice, and navigate their complex emotions, readers are drawn into a world.

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