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Dark Moon: The Blood Altar Summary

Dark Moon: The Blood Altar Free Ebook
Dark Moon: The Blood Altar Free Ebook

Dark Moon: The Blood Altar talks about seven boys who appear to be normal students but are actually vampires.

Main Characters

  • Sooha: The protagonist, a human with supernatural strength often mistaken for a vampire. Due to discrimination, she harbors deep hatred towards vampires. She transfers to the tenth grade at Decelis Academy.
  • Heli: A vampire in the twelfth grade, captain, and center of the Nightball Team. He possesses telepathy and is drawn to Sooha.
  • Solon: A vampire-werewolf hybrid in the tenth grade, forward of the Nightball Team. He keeps his werewolf heritage secret from his vampire brothers.
  • Jakah: A vampire in the ninth grade, the smartest among his brothers, and the wing of the Nightball Team.
  • Jaan: A vampire in the twelfth grade, the enforcer of the Nightball Team, and supernaturally strong.
  • Shion: A vampire in the tenth grade, a member of the Nightball Team.


Welcome to Riverfield, where two rival schools house the most popular boys—vampires and werewolves. Sooha, a mysterious transfer student, draws their attention. As horrible incidents unfold, the boys’ forgotten pasts resurface, turning their world upside down.


The story unfolds in Riverfield, a town where supernatural beings coexist. Decelis Academy, a night school, becomes the backdrop for Sooha’s journey. The strict policy against vampires draws her there, but the academy holds secrets, and unexplained occurrences plague the town.


  • Identity and Prejudice: Sooha’s struggle with being mistaken for a vampire highlights the theme of identity. Discrimination fuels her hatred, emphasizing how prejudice affects individuals.
  • Forgotten Pasts: The boys’ forgotten histories resurface, revealing secrets and shaping their present. The theme of memory and its impact runs throughout the narrative.
  • Friendship and Rivalry: Sooha’s interactions with the vampire boys blur the lines between friendship and rivalry. Their inexplicable connection drives the plot.
  • Supernatural vs. Mundane: The clash between supernatural beings (vampires and werewolves) and ordinary humans (Sooha) adds tension and depth to the story.

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“Dark Moon: The Blood Altar” immerses readers in a world where darkness and secrets intertwine. As Sooha navigates her new reality, the bonds she forms with the vampire boys will shape their destinies. Prepare for a thrilling ride through mystery, romance, and the supernatural.

In summary, this manhwa combines urban fantasy, teen romance, and a centuries-old rivalry, making it a captivating read for fans of supernatural tales.

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