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Beastly Little Boy Summary

Beastly Little Boy Free Ebook
Beastly Little Boy Free Ebook

The novel “Beastly Little Boy” weaves a poignant tale of transformation, loss, and resilience. As a boy called Bernard navigates the forest.

Main Characters

  • Bernard: An unruly ten-year-old boy who has gradually turned into a bear. Consumed by grief after the death of his father two years ago, Bernard struggles to preserve what’s left of his humanity.
  • Bernard’s Mother: She realizes that she cannot properly care for Bernard and has him captured and sent deep into the forest.


The central conflict revolves around Bernard’s transformation into a bear. After his father’s death, Bernard’s grief consumes him, leading to this gradual metamorphosis. His mother, unable to care for him, makes the heart-wrenching decision to send him into the wilderness. Bernard must now adapt to life as a bear while grappling with the loss of his humanity. Throughout the story, we witness his struggle to survive, both physically and emotionally.

As the plot unfolds, Bernard faces challenges in the forest, encounters other creatures, and grapples with his dual nature. The tension builds as he navigates this new existence, torn between his human memories and his animal instincts. The resolution lies in whether Bernard can find a way to reconcile these conflicting aspects of himself.


The story takes place in a mysterious forest, deep and ancient. The forest becomes both sanctuary and prison for Bernard. Its dense foliage, hidden paths, and eerie silence contribute to the atmosphere of isolation and struggle. The setting influences the characters by forcing them to adapt to its harsh conditions, and it becomes a character in itself—a place of transformation and secrets.


  • Grief and Loss: Bernard’s transformation is a metaphor for the emotional changes grief can bring. His bear form represents the weight of sorrow, while the forest symbolizes the unknown journey of healing.
  • Identity and Acceptance: Bernard grapples with his dual identity—human and bear. His struggle mirrors the universal quest for self-acceptance and understanding.
  • Nature vs. Nurture: The forest setting highlights the clash between Bernard’s innate animal instincts and the memories of his human past. Can he find a balance between these opposing forces?
  • Survival and Adaptation: Bernard’s survival instincts kick in as he learns to forage, hunt, and protect himself. The novel explores resilience and adaptation in the face of adversity.

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“Beastly Little Boy” weaves a poignant tale of transformation, loss, and resilience. As Bernard navigates the forest, readers are reminded of our own capacity to adapt, find solace, and ultimately discover our true selves. Emily Dorffer’s evocative storytelling invites us to explore the boundaries of humanity and the wild unknown.

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