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“Accidental Romance” is a tale of unexpected love and the complexities of social identities in Regency England. The story revolves around Rebecca Jennings, whose first London Season is ruined due to an accident caused by her new neighbor, Mr. Ben Fortescue. As Rebecca recovers from a broken ankle, she finds herself drawn to Ben, despite his mysterious past and the secrets that could prevent their romance. The novel explores themes of forgiveness, the societal pressures of the marriage market, and the courage to follow one’s heart in the face of adversity.

Accidental Romance
Accidental Romance

In the course of the narrative, Rebecca must navigate her feelings for Ben while being thrust into the London Season, where she becomes a sought-after addition to the Marriage Mart. The story captures the essence of Regency romance, filled with honorable intentions, slow-burning affection, and the pursuit of happiness amidst the rigid expectations of high society. It’s a journey of healing, both physical and emotional, leading to an unexpected romance that defies the odds.

Main Characters

The central characters are Rebecca Jennings and Mr. Ben Fortescue. Rebecca is a young woman whose first London Season is ruined due to an accident caused by her new neighbor, Ben12. Her motivations revolve around recovering from her injury and navigating the complexities of love and society. Ben, feeling guilty about his role in Rebecca’s accident, is drawn to her out of affection but is burdened by secrets that could prevent their romance12.


Accidental Romance
Accidental Romance

The main conflict arises from Rebecca’s ruined Season and the subsequent emotional turmoil. The story develops as she heals from her injury and Ben grapples with his affection for her despite the secrets he harbors. The resolution comes as both characters confront their feelings and the barriers between them, leading to a conclusion that addresses whether love can overcome the obstacles they face12.


The story is set against the backdrop of a Regency-era London Season, a period when debutantes are presented in society. The setting plays a crucial role, as it influences the characters’ behavior and the societal expectations they must meet. The contrast between the country, where Rebecca recovers, and the bustling social scene of London, highlights the challenges and opportunities for romance1.


The novel explores themes of love, identity, societal expectations, and the journey to self-discovery. It delves into how accidents can lead to unexpected paths and how individuals navigate the tension between societal roles and personal desires.

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“An Accidental Romance” concludes with a reflection on the power of love to heal and transform. It suggests that while society and circumstances may pose challenges, the strength of the human spirit and the courage to face one’s truth can lead to a fulfilling and unexpected romance.

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