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Protected Ex-wife is a novel by Z.Yu that tells the story of Elsie Lawson, a woman who is betrayed by her husband and sister-in-law. On the day of her husband’s birthday, Elsie learns that her sister-in-law is pregnant with her husband’s child. Elsie is heartbroken and devastated, and her husband immediately files for divorce.

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Elsie is forced to leave her home and start over from scratch. She is determined to get her life back on track and to protect herself and her unborn child. Elsie gets a job and starts to build a new life for herself.

One day, Elsie meets a mysterious stranger named Ethan Carter. Ethan is immediately drawn to Elsie, and he offers to help her. Elsie is hesitant at first, but she eventually comes to trust Ethan. Ethan helps Elsie to protect herself from her ex-husband and his family, and he also helps her to heal from the pain of her betrayal.

Over time, Elsie and Ethan fall in love. Ethan is completely devoted to Elsie, and he promises to protect her and her child forever. Elsie finally finds the love and happiness that she deserves.


Protected Ex-wife is a story about love, betrayal, and redemption. It is a story about a woman who overcomes adversity and finds true love.

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