Playing for Keeps

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Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps: A Brother’s Best Friend Hockey Romance (Hot Jocks Book 1) by Kendall Ryan is a heartwarming and sexy romance novel about two best friends who fall in love.

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Elise Parrish has had a crush on her brother’s best friend, Justin Brady, for as long as she can remember. Justin is a professional hockey player, and he’s everything Elise has ever wanted in a man: he’s handsome, charming, and successful. But he’s also off-limits.

Justin has always seen Elise as his best friend’s little sister, but one night after a too-much-to-drink party, they end up crossing the line. Justin realizes that he’s been in love with Elise for years, but he’s also afraid of ruining his friendship with Owen.

Elise and Justin start dating in secret, but it’s not long before Owen finds out. Owen is furious, and he tells Elise that she can’t see Justin anymore. Elise is heartbroken, but she knows that she has to respect Owen’s wishes.

Justin and Elise try to stay away from each other, but they can’t help but be drawn to each other. They’re both miserable and lonely, and they know that they’re meant to be together.

Eventually, Owen realizes that he can’t stand to see his sister so unhappy. He gives her his blessing to date Justin, and the two of them finally get their happily ever after.


Playing for Keeps is a story about forbidden love, second chances, and the importance of family. It’s a heartwarming and sexy romance novel that will leave you with a smile on your face.

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