Online Game: Unlimited Buff Talent From The Beginning 

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Summary of Online Game: Unlimited Buff Talent From The Beginning by Random Pork Stew: Lin Bei is a young man who is passionate about gaming. One day, he is reincarnated into the virtual reality game Second World, but he is not the same as before. He has awakened an SSS-grade talent called Unlimited Buff, which allows the duration of all buffs he receives to last forever.

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With this incredible talent, Lin Bei embarks on a journey to become the strongest player in Second World. He uses his buffs to become incredibly powerful, and he quickly makes a name for himself as a force to be reckoned with.

However, Lin Bei’s journey is not without its challenges. He must face off against powerful enemies, both old and new. He must also contend with the political intrigue of the game world and the threat of a mysterious organization that is trying to control Second World.

As Lin Bei delves deeper into the secrets of Second World, he uncovers the truth about his own past and the true nature of the game world. He must use all of his strength and cunning to overcome the challenges he faces and achieve his ultimate goal: to become the ruler of all.

Online Game: Unlimited Buff Talent From The Beginning is a story about adventure, power, and self-discovery. It is also a story about the importance of friendship, loyalty, and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

The novel is praised for its fast-paced plot, exciting action scenes, and well-developed characters. It is also notable for its unique take on the game genre, with its focus on buffs and the player’s ability to customize their character to their liking.


Overall, Online Game: Unlimited Buff Talent From The Beginning is a well-written and enjoyable novel that will appeal to fans of litRPG, fantasy, and adventure.

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