Oh For Mates Sake

Oh For Mates Sake

Oh For Mates Sake is a werewolf romance novel by JM Snap. It is a spin-off from her Doctor Series, which is greatly recognized by readers in the Dreame app.

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The story follows Clover Basket, an orphan, unpopular, unwanted future Delta of the Sulfur pack, and with her wolf soon going dormant after shocking revelations. Clover survived the Dark War, which took her entire family. She’s friends with the pack’s Beta, Gamma, Jude, and Joey.

One day, Clover meets a mysterious stranger named Denny. Denny is the Alpha heir of the Silver pack, and he is immediately drawn to Clover. However, Clover is hesitant to start a relationship with Denny, knowing that their packs are rivals.

As Clover and Denny spend more time together, they fall deeply in love. However, their relationship is threatened by the Dark War, which is still ongoing. Clover must also face the challenges of her own pack, where she is not respected by many members.

In the end, Clover and Denny overcome all obstacles to be together. They also help to bring peace between the Sulfur and Silver packs.

Oh For Mates Sake is a story about love, friendship, and overcoming adversity. It is a heartwarming and exciting read for fans of werewolf romance.

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