My Robotic Boyfriend

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My Robotic Boyfriend

My Robotic Boyfriend is a story about a young woman named Ivy who orders are boyfriend from a dark web website. Ivy is lonely and desperate for love, and she believes that a robotic boyfriend is the perfect solution.

Ivy’s robotic boyfriend, Roman, is initially awkward and robotic. However, Ivy quickly grows to love him. Roman is kind, caring, and supportive. He is also very intelligent and resourceful.

Ivy and Roman’s relationship is not without its challenges. They must deal with the prejudice of others, as well as the fact that Roman is not a real human being. However, Ivy and Roman’s love for each other helps them to overcome all obstacles.

In the end, Ivy and Roman build a strong and loving relationship. They prove that love can transcend all boundaries, even the boundaries between humans and machines.


The Novel is a heartwarming story about love, acceptance, and the power of imagination. It is a story about two people who find love in the most unexpected places

My Robotic Boyfriend is a heartwarming story about Ivy, a lonely woman, who orders a robotic boyfriend from a dark web website. Roman, initially awkward and robotic, becomes kind, caring, and supportive. Despite facing prejudice and the fact that Roman isn’t human, their love helps them overcome obstacles and build a strong, loving relationship, proving love can transcend boundaries.

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