My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

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Lila Roberts is an omega wolf who has always dreamed of attending the prestigious Alpha University. She finally achieves her goal when she is awarded a scholarship. However, her excitement is short-lived when she realizes that her English Literature professor, Abel Simone, is her alpha mate.

Lila has had a crush on Abel for as long as she can remember, but she knows that their relationship is forbidden. Alphas and omegas are not supposed to mate, especially when the alpha is a professor and the omega is a student. But Lila can’t resist her attraction to Abel, and soon they are drawn into a passionate and forbidden romance.

At first, Lila and Abel keep their relationship a secret. They meet in secret and only communicate through their wolf bond. But it becomes increasingly difficult to hide their feelings, especially when Lila’s wolf begins to show signs of pregnancy.

When Abel finds out that Lila is pregnant, he is torn. He loves her and wants to be with her, but he also knows that their relationship could put Lila’s future at risk. Alphas and omegas who mate outside of marriage are often ostracized by their communities, and Lila could lose her scholarship and her chance to graduate from Alpha University.

Lila, however, is determined to be with Abel. She loves him and wants to build a life with him, even if it means facing the consequences of their forbidden relationship.

Abel and Lila decide to come clean to their friends and family. They are met with mixed reactions. Some people support their relationship, while others are scandalized. But Abel and Lila are determined to be together, no matter what.


In the end, Abel and Lila’s love story triumphs over adversity. They get married and have a beautiful baby girl. They also become advocates for other alpha-omega couples who are facing discrimination.

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