Love Her Softly

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Love Her Softly

Love Her Softly is a Wattpad historical romance story about Emma Hawke, a young woman who runs away from her abusive father and finds refuge in the arms of Liam McIntyre, a trapper and mountain man.

Emma is a kind, gentle, and intelligent young woman. She is also deeply traumatized by the abuse she has suffered at the hands of her father. Liam is a strong, silent, and compassionate man. He is also fiercely protective of Emma.

Emma and Liam meet when Emma stumbles upon Liam’s cabin while fleeing her father. Liam is initially hesitant to help Emma, but he is eventually won over by her kindness and resilience.

Emma and Liam begin to fall in love, but their relationship is not without its challenges. Emma must learn to trust Liam and to overcome her fears. Liam must learn to open his heart and to let Emma in.

Emma and Liam must also face the threat of Emma’s father, who is determined to find her and bring her home.


Love Her Softly is a passionate and romantic story about two people who find healing and love in each other’s arms. It is a story about overcoming trauma, finding forgiveness, and embracing the power of love.

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