God Of Slaughter by Ni Cang Tian

“God of Slaughter” immerses readers in a world where danger and power intertwine. Shi Yan, an adrenaline junkie, discovers that life’s true thrill lies in the face of death. When he wakes up in a foreign land, his body inhabited by another, he embarks on a journey where every breath teeters on the edge of existence.

God Of Slaughter
God Of Slaughter

Main Characters and Their Motivations

  • Shi Yan: Growing up parentless, Shi Yan inherits a substantial fortune but remains disinterested in life. His heart races only during extreme sports—bungy jumping, cave diving, and skydiving. The adrenaline rush fuels his existence.
  • Elena, the Seer: A mysterious guide who propels Shi Yan into a new world. Her motivations remain veiled in prophecy and ancient knowledge.

Plot: Conflict and Resolution

The central conflict revolves around Shi Yan’s pursuit of justice and power. After waking up amidst corpses in an unknown land, he realizes he inhabits a foreign body. Danger lurks at every turn, and death is a breath away. Shi Yan’s exploration leads him to uncover secrets, confront enemies, and embrace his newfound abilities. The resolution lies in his transformation from a disinterested observer to a force that shapes destiny.


  • Time: The novel unfolds after cosmic evolution reshapes reality.
  • Place: Shi Yan’s journey spans a world scarred by violence and betrayal. From prison cells to mystical realms, the setting influences alliances, battles, and choices. The juxtaposition of ruined cities and ethereal landscapes adds depth to the narrative.
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  1. Survival and Transformation: Shi Yan adapts to a post-apocalyptic landscape, evolving both physically and mentally. His growth mirrors humanity’s resilience in the face of catastrophe.
  2. Justice and Retribution: Cosmic power empowers Shi Yan’s quest for justice, fueled by memories of his past life.
  3. Friendship and Betrayal: Shi Yan navigates shifting loyalties, forming bonds with unlikely allies. Betrayals test his resolve and force him to question trust.
  4. Legacy and Redemption: The cosmic evolution offers a chance at redemption, but it demands sacrifices. Shi Yan grapples with the weight of his past and the legacy he’ll leave behind.


“God of Slaughter” weaves magic, vengeance, and resilience into a gripping narrative. Axes split mountains, destinies intertwine, and readers are drawn into a world where life and death dance on the edge. Prepare for an epic adventure!

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