Fight for Luna

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Fight for Luna

Fight for Luna is a paranormal romance novel by Dreame. It is a story about Luna, a human woman, who is caught in a love triangle between two werewolf brothers, Arlo and Atlas. Arlo is the Beta of the pack, and Atlas is the Alpha.

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Luna is a kind and compassionate woman, but she is also strong and independent. She is not afraid to stand up to Arlo and Atlas, even though they are both powerful werewolves.

Arlo and Atlas are both drawn to Luna, but they are also rivals for her affection. Arlo is the first to confess his love to Luna, but Atlas is determined to win her heart.

Luna is initially hesitant to accept Arlo’s or Atlas’s affections. She is not sure if she is ready for a relationship, and she is worried about the consequences of getting involved with two werewolf brothers.

However, Luna eventually realizes that she loves Arlo. They start a relationship, and they are deeply in love. However, their relationship is complicated by the fact that Atlas is also in love with Luna.

Atlas is determined to have Luna, even if it means taking her from Arlo. He tries to break them up, and he even threatens to hurt Arlo if he doesn’t give Luna up.

Arlo and Atlas must fight for Luna’s love. They must also face the challenges that come from being two werewolf brothers in love with the same woman.

In the end, Luna chooses Arlo. She realizes that he is the one she loves, and she is not afraid to fight for him. Arlo and Luna overcome all obstacles and live happily ever after.


Fight for Luna is a story about love, loyalty, and overcoming adversity. It is a heartwarming and exciting read for fans of paranormal romance.

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