Danger on the Atlantic Novel

The Review of Danger on the Atlantic Novel

The novel, Danger on the Atlantic began in the year 1926. Jane Wunderly is a private investigator in New York City. The British government hires her to investigate a rumored German spy on a cruise ship bound for New York. Jane travels to Southampton, England, where she boards the ship disguised as the fashionable wife of her partner, Mr. Redvers.

Danger of the Atlantic Novel

Once on board, Jane quickly learns that there are many suspects in the spy case. There is the wealthy businessman who is always making mysterious phone call. The beautiful actress who is always surrounded by admirers, and the mysterious stranger who never seems to leave his cabin. Jane soon discovers that there is another mystery on board the ship: the sudden disappearance of newlywed Vanessa FitzSimmons. Miles, Vanessa’s husband, claims that she fell overboard, but Jane is not convinced. ‘Miles, Vanessa’s husband, is suspected to be involved in his wife’s disappearance.’

As Jane investigates the two mysteries, she finds herself in danger. Someone is trying to silence her, and she must be fast to solve the cases before it is too late.


“Danger on the Atlantic” is a fast-paced mystery novel with a strong female protagonist. Jane Wunderly is a smart and resourceful investigator who is not afraid to take risks. She is a refreshing from the traditional damsel in distress and is sure to win over readers with her determination.

The Roaring Twenties backdrop also contributes to the story’s atmosphere. The reader can feel the excitement and danger, as Jane investigates the mysteries on board the ship.

Overall, “Danger on the Atlantic” is a well-written and entertaining mystery novel. It is sure to please fans of the genre.

Danger of the Atlantic

Novel Information

  • Format: Hardcover
  • Published: March 29, 2022 by Kensington
  • ISBN: 9781496725912 (ISBN10: 1496725913)
  • Language: English

About the Author

Erica Ruth Neubauer
Erica Ruth Neubauer

Erica Ruth Neubauer is a historical fiction and mystery author best known for her debut novel “Murder at the Mena House”. Erica’s background probably had the most significant influence in her later career as an author of police procedurals.

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