Coming Home

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Coming Home

Coming Home is a Wattpad romance story by HeidiCarroll with over 5 million reads. It follows the story of two best friends, Emily and Jake, who fall in love after being reunited after years apart.

Emily and Jake were best friends growing up, but they lost touch after high school. Emily went off to college and Jake stayed in their hometown to work on his family’s farm. Years later, Emily returns home for Christmas, and she is surprised to see that Jake has grown into a handsome and charming man.

Emily and Jake quickly rekindle their friendship, and they soon realize that they have feelings for each other. However, they are both hesitant to act on their feelings. Emily is afraid of getting hurt, and Jake is afraid of ruining their friendship.

Emily and Jake eventually overcome their fears and confess their feelings for each other. They begin a passionate relationship, but they soon realize that their love is not without its challenges. Emily’s ex-boyfriend returns to town, and Jake’s family is not happy about their relationship.

Emily and Jake must fight for their love, and they must prove to everyone that they are meant to be together. They must also learn to trust each other and communicate openly. In the end, Emily and Jake overcome all of the obstacles in their path and live happily ever after.


Coming Home is a well-written and engaging story. It is a story about love, friendship, and second chances. It is also a story about the importance of fighting for what you believe in. Coming Home is a popular Wattpad story for a reason. It is a story that readers can relate to and enjoy.

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