All the Way (Hot Jocks Book 2)

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All the Way (Hot Jocks Book 2)

All the Way (Hot Jocks Book 2) by Kendall Ryan is a romance novel about two best friends who fall in love.

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Becca Walsh is a smart, independent woman who works in the hockey arena office. She’s also a survivor of sexual assault. After years of therapy, she’s finally ready to start dating again, but she’s nervous and unsure of how to navigate her intimacy.

Owen Parrish is a professional hockey player and Becca’s best friend. He’s known her since they were kids, and he’s always been there for her. He’s also known for his reputation as a playboy.

When Becca asks Owen to help her with her intimacy issues, he’s hesitant at first. He doesn’t want to cross the line with his best friend. But he also wants to help her, and he knows that he’s the only person she trusts.

Owen and Becca start by taking things slow. They kiss, touch, and explore each other’s bodies. Owen is patient and understanding, and he never pressures Becca to do anything she’s not comfortable with.

As they spend more time together, Owen and Becca realize that they have deeper feelings for each other than just friendship. But they’re both afraid to admit it. Owen is afraid of losing his best friend, and Becca is afraid of getting hurt again.

Eventually, Owen and Becca confess their feelings for each other, and they start dating. Their relationship is passionate and loving, but it’s also tested by their past experiences.

Owen has to learn to be more open and vulnerable with his emotions. Becca has to learn to trust Owen and let herself go.

In the end, Owen and Becca overcome their challenges and find true love together.


All the Way is a heartwarming and sexy romance novel about two best friends who find their way to each other. It’s a story about love, trust, and healing.

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