3 Stepbrothers

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3 Stepbrothers

3 Stepbrothers is a Wattpad story about a girl named Tori who never expected her dad to remarry and have three stepbrothers. Blake, Cole, and Shawn are the most popular guys at school, and Tori is determined to keep their sibling relationship a secret.

Tori and her stepbrothers strike a deal to keep their newfound relationship a secret, but it’s not easy. The triplets are not exactly interested in accepting her as family, and they often pester and prank her.

As Tori gets to know her stepbrothers better, she realizes that they’re not as bad as she thought. They’re all unique in their own way, and they have a lot to offer her. Blake is the athlete, Cole is the brain, and Shawn is the class clown.

Over time, Tori and her stepbrothers develop a close bond. They learn to trust and support each other, and they help each other through tough times. Tori also learns to love and accept them as her family.

One day, Tori’s secret is revealed, and she’s forced to face the consequences. But her stepbrothers are there for her, and they help her through it. In the end, Tori realizes that she has gained three amazing brothers, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.


3 Stepbrothers is a heartwarming and funny story about family, friendship, and love. It’s a story that will stay with you long after you finish reading it.

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